Mission and Vision

The company aims to provide the best services in the financial field to meet public’s aspirations and fulfill their goals. The company has a vision to bring together the work and serving the community via modern means as it believes that making profits is a means not an aim. The company undertook to achieve a lot of goals including:

1. An advancement to the financial transfer and exchange services in Iraq to contribute effectively to manage the development in the country. This is being from the its management’s interest to be abide by professional and profession’s ethics under the applicable laws and instructions issued by the sectoral departments regarding anti-money laundering and terrorism financing policies.
2. Adopting the electronic management method to achieve speed, accuracy and high flow of information between the branches and departments of the company that provides high quality in the provided services.
3. Enhancing the national economy by contributing to provide the largest number of employment’s opportunities for young people, leading to decrease the unemployment rate in the country.
4. Promoting the scientific reality in the country by contributing in scientific research and providing the support to the researchers in the field of financial business.

Our Partners