Our Advantages

The company is characterized from other companies and individuals working in the field of financial transfer, exchange and electronic payment services as follows: 

1. Using the modern technology: The company depends on its work on a modern electronic system that facilitates the performance of the service and works to implement it with high precision and speed as well as provides a strong business platforms to enable the company to expand with confidence and security.
2. Appropriate prices: The company offers its various services to its customers in very reasonable and competitive prices that could be noted by the customers when compared to the prices of others.
3. The Speed: Anyone (adult) can transfer or receive money through the company, to and from most countries of the world through its network of branches and agents at real time.
4. The plans: Our policy effectively requires the great role in determining and developing the company’s goals by their opinions and suggestions submitted via the company’s website info@altaifmt.iq or any other contacting means.

Our Partners