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Remittances, which is money that immigrants send from their current country of residence to their country of origin, play an important role in the flow of money throughout the world. According to statistics gathered by the World Bank, immigrants across the globe have sent back a total worth of $529 billion in remittances in 2012. Furthermore, the study shows that a total worth of $62 million were sent out from Iraq on the same year to different countries across the world.

Considering the massive amount of money that is being sent out of the countries to different locations throughout the globe annually, there is clearly a rising need to provide a secure means for carrying out money transfer online. Canada, in particular, needs an effective channel for funnelling funds into the country, as records have shown that a total of $24 billion dollars left the country in 2012 in the form of remittances to other nations.

Recognising this need, Al Taif has developed a service that is precisely designed to meet such a need. As one of the pioneering money transfer companies in the region, we have created a quick, efficiency, and secure channel for moving resources in our international wire transfer service. With our express money transfer solution, wire transfer from Iraq to Canada is made easier and more secure.

To make the wire transfer process much easier for our customers, we have developed a built-in currency exchange tracker that allows our customers to view and follow real-time currency values. The tracker is kept up to date, so that customers can take advantage of the best exchange rates at the optimal hours. With this feature, we are adding value to our current suite of services.

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