Money Transfer Kenya

For professionals who are deeply involved in their careers, other activities outside of work can be difficult to manage. Most often, the fast-paced lifestyle of urban living leaves us with little time to tend to other things, such as going to the bank to send money. Here at Al Taif, we understand the value of your time. As such, we have developed money transfer services that are uniquely designed to help you maximise your time and energy.

With Al Taif, you can enjoy a simple, fast, and easy way of sending money abroad. Through our express service for wire transfer, our customers can securely move resources from their bank account to the bank account of their choice in Kenya.

With the convenience of our customers in mind, we have initiated a diverse range of digital services for international money transfer. Kenya online services for overseas remittances include instant wire transfer, which allows customers to send funds instantly into an account of their choice through a secure connection. With this service, our customers can easily remit to their loved ones at home via the internet.

Al Taif has simplified the remitting process to three simple steps to make transferring funds easier for our customers. Through our online platform, you can simply select the country to which you will be sending money, which is the first step of the process. The second step will be to fill out our online form with all pertinent recipient information, such recipient name, address, contact number, and bank account number. If you have wired funds to the same recipient in the past, a record of all the information will be stored in our secure database, so you no longer have to fill out the form again.

The third and final step is to decide the means through which you would like to pay for the transfer. After you have done this, you need only to confirm the amount for the transaction to finish the process.

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