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While the American government does not actively and formally track the number of Americans who are emigrating to other countries, the State Department has approximated the figure at anywhere between three and six million. According to experts, more professionals are seeking career opportunities abroad, with other markets becoming increasingly competitive when it comes to professional growth and development.

With the growing prospect of American professionals migrating to other countries, there is an increasing need to develop a means to transfer money to USA. Here at Al Taif, we understand that need. As such, we have created a way to electronically transfer funds from one account to another safely and securely through wire transfer. With our expertise, our customers can easily do wire transfer from Iraq to USA, and have their loved ones back home receive the funds right away.

We have simplified the process to make the experience easier and quicker for our customers. If you are sending to an account for the first time, you will simply need to fill out an online form with the necessary information for the transaction, including the name, bank account, and address of the recipient. After you have entered these, you will be asked how you would like to fulfil the transfer and the amount you would like to transfer.

After you have confirmed the transaction, we will store the information you have entered, so the next time you decide to send money, you no longer need to enter account details. In addition, we have also installed a new tool in our system that allows customers to track the most up-to-date values of currencies in the market in a comprehensive, easy to absorb form.

So if you are looking to move funds from Iraq to USA, you can count on the most dependable name in electronic funds transfer in the region – Al Taif Money Transfer. For more information on our services, please feel free to contact us today.

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